Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Social Media by Lori Power

Social Media: I didn’t know what I didn’t know…
by Lori Power

Like most published authors, I have been trying to be consistent and present in the Social Media arena for the past two years. This means, what I do, and the group’s I participate in, I make calendar notes, commit the time and am active. So you can image how disheartened I was when I realized I had “the messaging” all wrong.

I understood engaging content, consistent presence to attract, but what I didn’t ‘get’ until I took a social media course this summer, was investment in the “Thank You Economy”. How to retain a ‘fan base’, and how to decipher between engaged fans, and knee jerk ‘likes’ or ‘follow-backs’.

So here’s the Coles notes:
 • Social Media is not an advertisement. It is social. There is no audience like traditional media, so stop shouting ‘buy my book’. It’s group therapy and everyone wants to be acknowledged for being present.
 • This means, have a conversation instead with your fans on why someone should take the time out of their busy schedule within the mass of noise to stop and read your book.
 • People buy from recommendations.
 • Choose the platform you love the most…the one where you would in fact buy from and create the ‘best party’ on that site for your fans to follow you.
 • Remember, the majority of people you “like” will “like” you back and so the number of followers you have increases…but not buyers. The same people who “like” you on Facebook, “follow” on Twitter or Pintrest, “connect” on LinkedIn, etc. They’re all the same people. You have to discern follow backs from buyers and engage these people to want to buy your book without adding to the noise and yelling at them.
 • Engagement promotes better brand loyalty and makes FANS more likely to share about you—recommend you and by doing so this will translate in books purchased.

Build your foundation on the platform you like best. Take your time and cultivate your fans through creative engagement and remember the “Thank You Economy”.

Lori Power 

Hit 'N Run 

Caught between desire suspicions, each must decide who to trust and how far to go to follow their instincts.


  1. Interesting post Lori, thanks !! Social media always frustrates me lol. Hit 'N Run sounds good, i love the cover !!

  2. Great and informative post, Lori! Looking forward to reading Hit 'N Run :)

  3. Great post Lori.
    Here's my question. What do you do to engage in the thank you economy?

  4. Hi Lori: Thank you for letting me see posting on Social Media from a different perspective. Thanking people does seem to be a lost art on many levels. Sexy cover without being obvious. Sounds like a great read.