Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wise Words Wednesday

Today's Wise Words Wednesday is from Ishbel Moore

My best writing tip that I received was from my mentor, a very fine short story writer from Manitoba, called Bea Fines, who is still alive and well into her 90s.

The very first time I submitted a sample of a book I was working on she told me "Stay in your character's head" and I have passed this along to more writers than I can count.

It's pretty self-explanatory but it hits home that the reader can know only what the character knows, has overheard, learned, is told, or thinks. Your character cannot possibly know what is going on around the corner (unless he/she has an angled mirror). He/she cannot know what anyone else is thinking, and cannot know what anyone else is doing, planning or saying in another location. And the character cannot possibly know the future - so this limits that nasty Author Intrusion we all must ensure does not creep into our stories.

Example of nastiness to be avoided:
Amber had no idea that her actions on that terrible day would change Jeremy's life forever.

~Ishbel Moore


  1. This is great advice for writers of any genre. Thanks

  2. Well said ... spoken so we can all understand the meaning and apply it to our own writing

  3. Very good 'wise words' for every writer.