Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Journey

My Journey
by Jeane Daly

Hi everyone. My name is Jeane Daly and I’m from the Boston area. I was fortunate to live so close to the city because there was always something to do and see. I could walk to the Museum of Fine Arts, Symphony Hall, Museum of Science, good old Filene’s Basement, and of course Boston Common, ice skating in the winter, Swan Boats in summer.

When I turned 15, I became obsessed with theatre, and as theatre lights dimmed, I’d sneak in the fire doors of the Shubert, Wilbur, and any other theatre to hear opera, stage musicals and, of course, fantastic plays and actors. South Pacific played at the Shubert, and fortunately for me, I had a second row, aisle seat. {snuck in} The lead performer, a real hunk, sauntered down the aisle stopped at my row, reached for my hand, and sang Some Enchanted Evening, to me. That gorgeous man with the voice was my very first crush.

After my 5 organically grown children spread their wings, I owned and operated and worked along with other health professionals, Heartbeat Associates, a health maintenance company, located in Boston and the South Shore. I have wonderful memories of going into the field and meeting others who took responsibility for living a healthy lifestyle.

Along the way I studied Graphology, and it led to lecturing on cruise ships. Loved it! I met so many nice people and gained weight every time I cruised. {Oink}

My true love is writing. It’s so much fun creating characters, some you like, others you’d like to strangle. The only trouble is when I end a book I have leaving the characters behind, they almost become part of your family, hope that doesn’t sound too weird.

I volunteer to make meals, along with a group of women, for the sick, most Cancer patients, in need of a wholesome meal. They thank me…but it is me who should be thanking them for the honor of bringing a meal to their home. How blessed I am that I can do this. My husband, Jack, my best friend, is a Cancer patient and is in a new research program and doing so much better. The biggest blessing of all!

About Jeane
Jeane began her writing career as a humor columnist, in 1987. A fan suggested she write a novel. A lover of Romance Novels, Jeane muttered, “Why not?” Her first book, Looking for Jimmy Stewart, came out in 2010. Jeane lives south of Boston with her husband, Jack, and daughter Patricia. She’s been blessed with five children and four grandchildren. http://jeanedaly.com/

Meeting again after twelve years, Jenna Holmes-Marsh and Sam Bracken find the attraction for one other is still there . . . but something has changed. Jenna is busy focusing on establishing her career, and single parent Sam hopes being in his hometown will allow for a fresh start. Afraid to trust her trampled heart, Jenna rebuffs Sam's advances but slowly realizes the joy of spending time with him and his young son. Grandma Birdie’s arrival at Jenna’s disrupts her routine but the time the two women spend together becomes precious. Sam presses Jenna for more in their relationship, and Jenna battles with herself over disclosing the shameful secret she carries inside. What will Sam’s reaction be? Is their love strong enough to weather the storm, or will it wither and die?


  1. HI Jeane: what an interesting history your bio tells, you sound like such a caring and giving person, and now you are entertaining so many people with gret stories. Wishing you the best with your book "Hello Again".

  2. I love the part about giving lectures on a cruise ship. I always wanted to write a story like that. And Graphology must have been such fun to learn about. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. Hi. My hubby grew up in Salem, Mass. Love the Mass area.
    Sounds like a fascinating life and book.

  4. I had to look up Graphology LOL, and it sounds like a very neat kind of educational talent to have.